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Login and registration errors / Can't log in

Various circumstances can lead to errors when logging in or registering. We have collected instructions for the most common reasons below. In some rare circumstances, it is also possible that our systems are malfunctioning. Check if this article hasn’t been able to help you out or reach out to our support team.

Password reset

Please make sure you are using the right username and password. If you have forgotten your password and want to reset it, follow the instructions found here: I have forgotten my e-learning password

Note: It is possible that your organization uses a form of Single Sign-on (SSO) instead of the usual email/password combination. In that case, there is no password to reset. Instead you must use one of the following SSO options on the login page:

  • Login with Microsoft

  • Login with SAML

  • Enable Google SSO

If you are not sure which one applies, please reach out to the person at your organization responsible for the awareness training.

Empty your browser cache

Issues with your browser cache can be responsible for error messages being shown when you try to log in or register. We’ve prepared instructions for you here: How to empty your web browser's cache Once you have emptied your browser cache, try logging in again on the e-learning platform.

Make sure you’re registered

Sometimes people try to log in before they have registered. If you have not registered yet, follow the instructions that apply to you:

How to register for the e-learning platform

How to register for the e-learning platform using Single Sign-on (SSO)

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