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How to communicate Sofie Rapid Awareness to your staff

Here’s an email template you can use to share with your staff that you’ll extend your current awareness program:

Subject: Awareness Training: New MS Teams app Sofie Rapid Awareness 

Dear colleagues, 


As part of our security awareness training at [COMPANY NAME], we will install Sofie Rapid Awareness to MS Teams. This is an additional feature we implement with our security awareness provider SoSafe GmbH to further strengthen our cyber defense.   

What is Rapid Awareness?  

Cybercrime is developing at a rapid pace, so everyone needs to put awareness at the top of their minds to stay safe from upcoming threats. We at [COMPANY NAME] want to empower you to continuously react safely to new attack techniques. The MS Teams bot Sofie Rapid Awareness will alert you whenever urgent security news comes in -- so you can help us stay safe together.  

Where can you find it? 

Sofie Rapid Awareness will alert you whenever an urgent topic comes up and guide you what to do. The MS Teams bot will automatically appear on the left side menu in MS Teams and you will receive the alert as a direct message.

What do you need to do when an Alert comes in?  

  1. Stay calm and rest knowing: if there is anything you need to do, Sofie will guide you 

  2. React to the Alert with an emoji to confirm that you have seen it.  

When will [COMPANY NAME] start using Sofie Rapid Awareness? 

The installation will take place [ENTER DATE/PERIOD].

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