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User management: known errors & how to fix them


How to fix

The system does not recognize the associated Excel column

Via dropdown, the correct Excel column can then be selected manually for the required attribute.   

Incorrect spelling of the email address 

The system will show you incorrect email addresses, which you can then correct quickly and easily.

Email is a duplicate

The system will show you the duplicate and you can edit the possible duplicate record.

Email address cannot be found in the database

This error occurs only in the delete operation. Correct the email address if it contains a spelling error or remove it from the delete operation.

A mandatory field is not filled in

Mandatory user data is marked with a *. Make sure that these data are entered in your Excel or enter them in the system.

The TYPE or ACTIVE columns are missing

These are mandatory fields. For TYPE use "Single Address" if you add an single user and use "Group / Collective address" if you add an collective address. Use "Yes" for column ACTIVE.

Address is not in the whitelisting

An email address from the upload is not in the whitelisting of your company data. Ensure that the domain of the email is created as a permitted domain under the company data.

User group is too small

Create a new user group or assign the users to an existing group. Alternatively, you can skip this step, but then not all Analytics functions will be available.

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