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Questionnaire for issues with the Phishing Report Button

When you still have issues with the Phishing Report Button after going through our support pages, please forward the answers of the following questionnaire to

What kind of Microsoft 365 scenario do you use? 

  • Pure Microsoft 365

  • Office Microsoft with additional on-premise services (e.g. AD Sync, Exchange On-Premise)

  • Exchange 2019/2016

Does the button work for some users or none? 

Are there commonalities of the affected users, e.g.  

  • Location

  • Network segment

  • Exchange server (Microsoft 365 type mailbox or On-Premise) 

  • (Local) security policies

  • AD groups 

What is the system configuration of the affected users: 

Does the button work in Outlook Web Access? 

Does the button work in the local desktop client of Outlook? 

If an error occurs …

Which kind of deployment method did you use?

Installation via …

  • Exchange Admin Center

  • Microsoft 365 Admin Center

  • Local client

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