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Integration of Single Sign-on (SSO) using OAuth

This guide will help you to set up an SSO access via OAuth. In order to start setting up your SSO account, you first need to make sure that your Customer Success Manager has set up an SSO-enabled e-learning campaign for you. Once the campaign is up and running you can set it up - it only takes a few steps: 

  1. Go to and click on alternative registration and select Register with Microsoft

  2. Then log in with a global administrator of your Microsoft 365 Tenant and tick the box: Agree on behalf of your organization. This window will also display the permissions you need to grant, which include these:

    • Log in and read user profile: This is used to identify your users at login, assign them to the organization and grant access to the e-learning. 

    • Maintain access to data to which you have granted access: Ensures that your users continue to have access to the e-learning campaign. This will not give the app any additional permissions.

  3. Click on Accept.

  4. After successful setup, you can also view the permissions set for SoSafe E-Learning in the Azure Active Directory. 

  5. Therefore switch to 

  6. Click on Enterprise Applications and search for SoSafe in the list

  7. Under Security you can now click on Permissions and display an overview of the granted rights

SSO - OAuth.jpeg

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