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Spear Phishing FAQ

What are customized phishing templates?

Together with you, our Social Engineering Team can build completely new and customized phishing templates specifically for your organization's needs to create even more realistic looking attacks.

What are spear phishing templates?

Compared to general phishing templates that cannot be adjusted at all, spear phishing templates have various placeholders. These can be adjusted and adapted specifically to the organization and its recipients, such as salutations, banner, and content.

Example of a spear phishing template

What is the difference between spear phishing templates and customized phishing emails?

Spear phishing templates are limited to its customization and have specified, customizable placeholders.

Customized phishing emails are built completely from scratch to fit your organization’s needs which also increases the difficulty level.

Do you have suggestions for individual templates?

There are several options for the creation of individual templates:

  • We are happy to replicate templates that are based on a real attack that you have experienced in the past. 

  • Also, we recommend using typical internal emails as example.

  • Another option is customizing a template from our database to your specific needs, such as CEO fraud or other industry-specific attacks. 

Please contact your Implementation Manager for further information.

Why is it that my phishing template idea was not implemented as expected?

Our team of phishing experts is familiar with a range of tactics that get recipients to click on the fake links. However, our top priority is not to trick the users, but to achieve a learning effect. This is why there should always be some clues with which users can identify the message as a phishing email.

Our experts closely examine each individual template and determine whether they can improve certain psychological vectors or enhance the learning effect. Of course, we are always open to feedback. Please simply approach your Implementation Manager. 

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