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Release notes

Below you find the product release notes. Note this document will be extended each month and will list new features, enhancements and bug fixes.



🌟 What’s New

  • General: Sofie is now available in the Phishing Report Button – contact your SoSafe representative for more information.

  • Learning Content: Launched “Blue Collar Implementation guide + 6 topics.”

  • Learning Content-Localization:

    • Released 4 "Cyber Security for IT Professionals" lessons in Finnish.

    • Released 3 “Supply Chain” lessons in Czech, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish.

    • Released 1 “Confidentiality - 4 levels” lesson in Chinese and Turkish.

    • Released 3 “Phishing” lessons in Hungarian.

    • Released 4 “Fraud and Social Engineering” lessons in Polish, Chinese, and Hungarian.

    • Released 5 “Cybersecurity for Managers” lessons in Chinese, Czech, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, and Romanian.

🚀 Enhancements

  • General:

    • Accessibility improvements across the product.

    • Added a central Analytics dashboard featuring key KPIs and Human Security Index if activated.

  • User Management: Improved user loading and filtering for smoother and faster performance.

  • Phishing Simulation: Placeholders in the preview of phishing templates are now automatically filled by default. Added a new 'Fill placeholders' switch for flexibility.

  • Phishing Report Button:

    • Added footer to Phishing Feedback emails.

    • Added incident tickets via PhishFeedback.

  • Analytics: ISO tables now feature a new design.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • Personalized Learning:

    • The level card on the achievements page now shows the correct message when a user is behind schedule.

    • Fixed bugs preventing the setup of progress migration from older campaigns for existing customers.

    • Display correct signature on certificate download upon completion of all mandatory modules.

    • In the reminder email, the link to a new lesson redirects the user to the specific module instead of the e-learning home page.

    • Fixed some minor branding display issues.

  • Analytics:

    • Fixed an issue where metrics did not update in the Simulation Expert view.

    • Disabled download loading animation because it was breaking the download in some cases.

  • Phishing Simulation:

    • Fixed minor bugs such as wrong translation phishing email link.

    • Fixed an issue where users have received the same template multiple times.

  • Phishing Report Button:

    • Sofie in PRB now sends attachments when reporting an email.

    • Fixed an issue where the "I got phished help" button was visible when the feature wasn't enabled for the customer.

    • Fixed an issue where on smaller width sizes the Outlook buttons were showing unexpected behaviors.

  • Learning Content-Localization:

    • Fixed Dutch typo in the lesson "Protecting sensitive information on the go."

    • Fixed an issue in “MFA Bombing” lesson in English.

    • Fixed an issue in 1 “LKSG” lesson in English.

    • Fixed an issue in Swedish where a lesson wasn’t displayed in the E-Learning Platform.

    • Fixed an issue with sound files in the Italian module “Secure passwords.”

    • Fixed French translation in 3.5 module “Spear Phishing.”

    • Fixed translation for French, Dutch, and Spanish in lesson “Ensuring due diligence in supply chains.”


🌟 What’s New

Find an in-depth explanation of freshly launched features in our product blog.

  • General:

    • Launched the Human Risk OS Dashboard.

    • Launched Sofie Level Zero Support.

    • Launched the possibility to add custom lessons to your Personalized Learning.

    • Launched new Simulation Capabilities such as basic simulation, targeted simulation, and behavior-based simulation, offering more personalized possibilities to play out phishing simulations.

    • Launched Phishing Feedback and a related Analytics page to the Phishing Report Button.

  • Analytics:

    • Added the “Comparison Charts”, breaking down multiple metrics by user groups.

    • Launched the new dashboard that features all of your relevant data in one view.

  • Learning Content:

    • Released 60 new Phishing Simulation Templates and targeted templates in multiple languages.

    • Released the new Developer Lessons.

    • Released the new Blue Collar Workers Lessons.

    • Localization:

      • Released 3 "Compliance" lessons in Finnish.

      • Released 1 "Shadow IT" lesson in Czech,Turkish, Chinese, Polish and Portuguese.

      • Released 1 Digital Signature lesson in German, English, Swiss German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.

      • Released 1 “ChatGPT” lesson in Turkish, Czech, Polish and Chinese.

      • Released 1 “AI Vishing” lesson in Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Czech and Turkish.

      • Released 3 “Supply Chain” lessons in Dutch, French and Spanish.

      • Released 3 “Phishing” lessons in Chinese.

🚀 Enhancements

  • Personalized Learning:

    • Added the functionality to edit a training after it was started.

    • Existing customers can now keep their learning progress when switching to Personalized Learning.

    • The Learning Path now always shows the 5 most important lessons to be done by the user.

    • Released ISO Reporting for Personalized Learning.

    • Improved the display of anonymous reporting of Personalized Learning.

  • Testmail Sending:

    • The previous limit of 5 test emails for testing whitelisting has been removed.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • General:

    • Fixed an issue where downloading the Whitelisting PDF resulted in an error page.

  • User Management:

    • Fixed an issue where email addresses were not converted to lowercase during user data import, causing validation errors.

  • Analytics:

    • Fixed the issue to display Download button in the E-learning Analytics when multiple campaigns are selected.

    • Fixed some issues with the display of the average score and passed modules per user group when adjusting the table.

  • Phishing Simulation:

    • Fixed an issue for the calculation of big simulations.

    • Improved the phishing simulation sending randomization.

  • Personalized Learning:

    • Fixed an issue with the display of completion rates for the learner.

  • Learning Content – Localization:

    • Fixed issue in "MFA Bombing" lesson in English, Portuguese and Finnish.

    • Fixed issue in "GDPR Liability" lesson in Danish.

    • Fixed French translations in Compliance modules "What is compliance?" and "Corruption prevention".

    • Updated the lesson “Home Office” in multiple languages.


🌟 What’s New

  • General: Explore our revamped Checklist page with a new design, featuring "To Do" and "In Review/Approved" lanes for improved task tracking. A dynamic progress bar now visually represents task completion.

  • Learning Content – Localization:

    • Released 1 “PCI DSS” lesson in multiple languages, including English, Swiss German, Finnish, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish.

    • Released 3 “Phishing” lessons in Czech, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish.

    • Released 1 “Chat GPT” lesson in Portuguese.

    • Released 1 “Deepfake” lesson in French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

    • Released 1 "Basic Developer Awareness" video lesson in English and Swiss German.

    • Released 4 “Fraud and Social Engineering” lessons in Finnish, Portuguese, and Czech.

🚀 Enhancements

  • General:

    • Customers can now change the IP range on the Whitelisting page.

    • Sped up E-Learning login & register requests.

  • Personalized Learning:

    • Improved responsiveness and accessibility of the Survey Hub.

    • Enabled Certificate Download for Personalized Learning.

    • Updated 'due date' tag with blue colour for upcoming 'due date'.

  • Phishing Report Button: Updated phishing simulation detection in Google Workspace.

  • Analytics: Improved KPIs for Over time charts, Click rate by difficulty and context, as well as Operating Systems and Browser usage.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • General:

    • Fixed issue where the download of user provisioning excel template file didn’t work in French manager.

    • Improved license counting.

  • System Mails: Corrected branding background colors in system emails.

  • Personalized Learning:

    • Fixed issues with sending module reminders,

    • viewing learning path after first-time registration,

    • sending invites when the start-date is set to the same day.

  • Learning Content – Localization: Fixed Finnish translation issues in E-Learning and Swiss German placeholder and domain issues.

  • Phishing Report Button:

    • Fixed timeout issues for users with slow connections

    • Fixed unpredictable behavior when reporting email via EWS.

  • Analytics: Addressed multiple issues including difficulty downloading data from previous campaigns, very small content in generated PDF files, missing KPI values, and visibility of modules completed in non-manager languages unless the language setting was changed.


🌟 What’s New

Find in-depth explanations of freshly launched features in our Product Blog.

  • Learning Content: New learning content released: Deepfake Awareness and PCI-DSS Compliance Training

  • Integrations: Released Excel and OneDrive Integrations for Analytics, enabling seamless data export and synchronization to familiar formats to simplify the process of identifying risky behaviors (Beta)

  • Phishing Report Button:

    • Released a ServiceNow Integration, bridging the gap between SOC-teams and reporting users and enabling a quicker feedback loop back to the reporters (Beta)

    • Added the Trusted Senders feature to allow organizations to allowlist trusted email domains (Beta)

  • Sofie Rapid Awareness:

    • AI-Powered Auto-Translations

    • Added the ability to schedule alerts for future delivery of Sofie Rapid Awareness alerts

  • Learning Content – Localization:

    • Released 5 “Cyber Security for Managers" lessons in French, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Hungarian, Turkish and Italian

    • Released 3 “Real Case” lessons in Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Portuguese, Slowak and Chinese under the categories Malware and Email Security 

    • Released 4 “Fraud and Social Engineering” lessons in Turkish

    • Released “Confidentiality - 3 levels” and “4 levels” in Finnish

  • General Admin Experiences:

    • You can see the responsible person's email in the user table (if feature is in use)

    • Added two new roles for restricted Manager access, introducing an option to add people to the Manager who can only see Analytics data

🚀 Enhancements

  • General: Improved accessibility on various areas of the product

  • Personalized Learning:

    • Updated the library view to help you focus on your learning path

    • Improving the dynamic learning experience for new starters, considering the exact date they were added to the learning

    • Some branding improvements

    • Disabled "Differentiated learning results" for personalized learning

    • Survey Hub design update

  • Personalized Learning - Analytics:

    • Added download data feature to Analytics

    • Enabled the ability to switch between Personalized Learning Analytics and historical data from earlier E-Learnings

    • Introduced a new 'Download KPI Data' feature to Personalized Learning Analytics. This feature allows managers to continuously download KPI data for their employees, covering various metrics related to their training programs

  • Analytics:

    • Improved responsibility to different screen sizes

    • Removed a data export limit, allowing unlimited downloads in both E-Learning and Simulation exports

  • Sofie Rapid Awareness:

    • UI updates

    • Various performance updates

  • Learning Content: Updated the Fast Track lessons from Brazilian Portuguese to Portuguese from Portugal

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • General:

    • Fixed an issue where for Reporting users the DPA pop-up is shown even though the DPA has already been signed

    • Fixed an issue where the whitelisting PDF showed slightly different instructions

  • Personalized Learning:

    • Fixed some SSO login timeout issues

    • Fixed some module preview bugs

    • Fixed some issue that led to module reminders although lessons were already completed

    • Fixed a sending issue with invitations

  • Analytics:

    • Added Code users to Personalized Learning Excel download

    • Changed data load cycles

    • Fixed multiple issues regarding translation issues

    • Resolved an issue with the 'Download All Certificates' feature in our E-learning Analytics campaigns, where managers can continuously download certificates for employees who have completed their training programs. Previously, customers were limited to downloading 140-150 certificates in as a zip file; we have increased this limit

  • Learning Content - Localization

    • Fixed incorrect data in the privacy module "Confidentiality levels of information 4 levels"

    • Fixed Dutch typo in 3.5 module "Preventive Measures"

    • Fixed an issue with a placeholder in Dutch module “Wat zijn typische gegevensbeschermingsincidenten?”

    • Fixed module “Vishing” in Croatian where all the sound files were in English

    • Fixed issues in final slides of 3 Fast Track modules in Spanish

  • Simulation: Fixed issue where the campaign status mismatch in case when generating phishing mail fails during transmission

  • Self-Service:

    • Fixed some issues with DPA downloads

    • Fixed some issues with discounting mechanisms


🌟 What’s New

  • Learning Content – Localization:

    • Released “Confidentiality Level 4” lesson in 8 languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, and Slovenian.

    • Released 3 “Real Case” lessons in Turkish under the categories Malware and Email Security.

    • Released 5 “Cyber Security for Managers" lessons in Dutch and Spanish.

  • Phishing Simulation – Localization: Translated and implemented 4 phishing templates in 5 languages.

🚀 Enhancements

  • Analytics:

    • Enabled certificate zip download on New Analytics.

    • Show "Mandatory" modules by default for Personalised Learning campaigns.

  • Simulation:

    • Languages Dutch and Spanish were added to the SoSafe Phishing Demo Page.

  • SCIM Connection: Make manager attribute mappable.

  • Phishing Report Button: The PhishFeedback on the Manager is now visible for all.

  • User Data: Provided French translation of the Manager user data file template.

  • Personalized Learning:

    • Implemented Tour translations in FR and NL.

    • Improved English language in “Compact Training” lessons.

    • Start and due-dates are reset to Friday when a PL or a user starts in the weekend, ensuring reminders aren’t sent during the weekend (will be sent 7 days before the due-date).

    • Training page is now mobile and tablet friendly

  • Learning Content: Updated French text in the lessons "Protéger les informations sensibles en déplacement", "Applications", and "Mesures préventives", and updated video sound/subtitles in "Programme malveillant".

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • General:

    • Fixed broken simulation reporting page for some Self-Service Environments.

    • Fixed wrong display of Contract Start & End date for multi-year licenses on Account and license information Page.

    • Updated some workflows in the Zurich Self-Service Environment and the How-To-Document.

  • Personalized Learning:

    • Enabled fallback modules when module is not available in user’s language.

    • SCIM users now counted in PL setup to show user language percentages.

    • Fixed elearning certificate logo covering modules.

    • Fixed accessibility issues on Personalised learning.

  • Simulation:

    • Norwegian phishing simulation templates now translate date variables correctly.

    • Bugfix: QR codes in phishing templates were unintentionally removed during a "cleaning" process. This issue has been resolved, ensuring that QR codes are now retained and properly displayed on the learning page.

  • Analytics:

    • Fixed registration rate for Beispielfirma.

    • Fixed Click Cumulative Rate Over Time.

    • Fixed translation issue for French simulation excel data download.

    • Fixed issue where module name was not matching.

    • Fixed issue where the ISO tab was not visible.

    • Fixed issue in Multiple Tenants view, where the returned data was not handled well when Cumulative option in Basic tab was selected.

    • Fixed issue on the Beispielfirma, where some of the numbers were not lining up with each other.

    • Fixed issue where the numbers for KPIs with user groups showed different values when searched for them than when all groups are shown.

    • Added missing French translation to the download KPI excel file.

  • Phishing Report Button:

    • The tooltip for Delete reporting reason for Google Workspace clients is now there.

    • Fixed issue where you couldn’t add a reporting reason.


🌟 What’s New

  • Phishing Report Button - PhishFeedback: Added French PhishFeedback emails!

  • Learning Content - Retry Quiz: Our fast track training now lets you retry a quiz if you did not pass the module without repeating the content!

🚀 Enhancements

  • Phishing Report Button – PhishFeedback: Added the possibility in the manager for customers to register for the PhishFeedback closed beta.

  • Sofie: Added her greeting message in more languages.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • Learning Content: Some usability fixes within quizzes.

  • Analytics: Corrected some data on the Browser- and OS usage KPIs.

  • Analytics: We now show an overall benchmark value for clients who are not associated with any industry.

  • Analytics: Fixed some spacing issues in PDF download.

  • Analytics: Fixed issue where some users were not able to download a PDF.

  • Analytics: Fixed download button in the Analytics of the demo environment.

  • Phishing Simulation: Fixed a bug on cache recalculation. Under some conditions changing user groups while a campaign was running did not trigger a full phishing campaign cache recalculation.

  • UI: Fixed some spelling mistakes and UI-related bugs.




🌟 What’s New

  • Phish Feedback Loop Beta: Now open for Beta. Available for customers using a Jira ticketing system or an equivalent webhook capability. Contact your SoSafe Representative for more details.

🚀 Enhancements

  • Sofie - Improved Card Layout: Enhanced layout with perfectly centered cards, aligned profile pic, and symmetric 16px padding.

  • Sofie - Enhanced Spacing Dynamics: Improved spacing between headlines and input fields for better visual appeal.

  • Phishing - Renaming for Clarity: "Template Preview" page is now renamed to "Phishing Templates" for better clarity.

  • Personalized Learning: Branding applied, registration with email address enabled, and added KPIs in Analytics.

  • Phishing Report Button on IE11: Refactored and improved for better functionality.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • User Management: Fixed an issue leading to duplicated users.

  • Personalized Learning: Welcome tour language now matches the chosen language.

  • Analytics: Corrected information text for Starting rate and Completion rate.



🌟 What’s New

  • Manager now available in French: The entire administrative experience is now available for our French clients in French.

  • New Design for SoSafe Manager: A complete redesign of the Manager, with smoother workflows, logical navigation, and reduced effort. Includes a tour to guide through the new logic.

  • Personalized Learner Experience: New Personalised Learning feature on the SoSafe e-learning platform, supporting German, English, and French languages, with more to come. Contact your SoSafe representative for a first look.

🚀 Enhancements

  • Analytics: New over time charts with visual approach and industry benchmarks, featuring toggles for activation/deactivation. Charts added to Reporting Rate, Learning Rate, Reply Rate, and Interaction Rate.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • Analytics: Fixed download permission issues, data format in ISO (Simulation), and download issues resulting in empty files. Increased user overview limit in e-Learning to beyond 10k.

  • Manager: Resolved issues with the 'Please be patient' toast message, login crashes, and the password reset process.

  • Self-Service: Addressed an edge case preventing simulation start in self-service. Self Service Simulation PDF report downloadability restored.



🌟 What’s New

  • Sofie Teaser Page: Introducing the new Sofie Teaser page where customers can request a "Sofie Rapid awareness" demo, discover key features, and easily connect with our Customer Success team. A direct link to the Sofie landing page is also available for more detailed information and demo requests.

🚀 Enhancements

  • Checklist: Improved logic for marking items as complete. Items can now have dates in the past, allowing for easier adjustments.

  • Analytics:

  • Added a download animation to indicate ongoing downloads.

  • Removed "gender" from expert filters for enhanced inclusivity.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • User Management – Google Workspace Connection: Fixed issues with user data sync from GWS, including improvements on incremental updates and sync status.

  • User Management: Updated responsible person feature to delete a user if the value is null.

  • Sofie Rapid Awareness - Drafts and Logs Table: Resolved text overflow issues in tables.

  • Simulation - Dispatch > Whitelisting: The 'Send Test Mail' button no longer freezes the browser tab.

  • Analytics: Fixed an issue preventing expert filters from appearing in excel exports.


🌟 What’s New

  • Analytics Update: Toggle between the new and old versions of Analytics.

  • Sofie Rapid Awareness - Smoother Onboarding: Download the "Sofie - Rapid Awareness Manifest Zip" file from the components page and add your MS Tenant ID independently.

🚀 Enhancements

  • Analytics – General Enhancements:

    • Added a “Clear all” option in filters.

    • Made sections collapsible for better navigation.

    • Sorted months in ISO-reporting from most recent to least.

    • Included manager email from SCIM in 'Responsible person email' column of User Management Table.

  • E-Learning Enhancements:

    • UX/UI Refresh for a more intuitive experience.

    • Sunsetting the in-comparison feature on the platform.

🛠️ Bug Fixes

  • User Management: Corrected an issue where disabled users appeared in the User Overview Table.

  • General: Resolved a problem with password input fields and the 'Save' button in Manager after password updates.

  • Analytics – ISO Reporting: Fixed permission issues for viewing expert or ISO views.

  • Analytics – General: Addressed a logout issue from the Analytics dashboard.

  • Sofie - Engagement Metrics: Introduced real-time engagement rates for Sofie alerts.

  • Sofie - Customizable Alerts: Enabled easy customization and distribution of SoSafe-created content for cybersecurity awareness.

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