Our SoSafe Select templates have proven effective over the years. They provide different levels of difficulty and work with various psychological factors. It is not recommended to adjust these templates outside of the specified placeholders. 

There are various placeholders in the templates that we can tailor to your company. In the initial stage, these include the sender address and company domain, salutation, phishing link, and signature, for example. We can also adjust any logos. 

The scope of (further) adjustments depends on the booked package. 

Fake vs. real names:

We do recommend only using fake names for the senders, but we can use real names on request (Premium). This increases the difficulty of the template significantly and should first be discussed with the person whose name is being used.

Further information can be found here.

Customized templates:

Customized spear phishing templates (Premium) can be adjusted to suit your internal communications (manner of speech, signature), thereby increasing the difficulty. 

Further information can be found here.