Disclaimer: Before switching to Graph API please check for the compatibility of your system. For further questions please contact Microsoft support. 

Steps for migration:

  1. Download the new Graph manifest file from the Phishing Report Button settings of Manager. 
    • Settings > Phishing Report Button > Microsoft Outlook > Phishing Report Button Manifest
    • Set "Manifest" as "Support Microsoft Graph"
    • Download MS Outlook Manifest
  2. Update the Phishing Report button with the Graph manifest file.
  3. During installation, permissions will have to be granted to the requested scopes of the Phishing Report Button application. We recommend that you grant permissions for all users ahead, otherwise each user will have to grant their permission separately after the update by entering their credentials. After installation, the add-on will still work with REST API or EWS as set in the Phishing Report Button manager settings. 
    • Please note: This does not work for mobile devices due to technical limitations by Microsoft. Mobile device users who experience issues authenticating will see a pop-up window with the Microsoft sign-in page where they will have to enter their credentials to authenticate themselves. This should only happen once.  
  4. After installation of the Graph manifest, we recommend waiting 24 hours until the update is deployed to every tenant user. 
  5. Lastly, activate the Graph API in the Manager under Phishing Report Button settings. 
    • Settings > Phishing Report Button > Microsoft Outlook > Microsoft API > Interfaces