Advanced Delivery for phishing simulations in Microsoft 365 Defender gives you the ability to whitelist SoSafe. In this article we will explain step by step how to configure Advanced delivery on your end.


Step 1

Log in to your mail server portal as an administrator and click on “Security”




Step 2 


Navigate to  “Policies & rules“(2a) and next to Threat policies” (2b) .





Step 3


In the Section “Rules” click on “Advanced delivery”


Step 4

On the Advanced delivery page, select the “Phishing simulation” tab (4a), and click “Edit” (4b).


Step 5

On the “Edit third-party phishing simulations” window that opens you can enter the whitelisting information via the dropdown menu. You can find the whitelisting information in the SoSafe-Manager.


Step 6


In the “Sending Domain (x items)” field, please enter the domains of the technical senders. 

The domain of the technical senders is the part coming after the "@" of the e-mail address, e.g.


Step 7


Please enter our IPv4 address in the field ”Sending IP (x items)“.


Step 8 (Optional)


If the URLs in our phishing emails are blocked, you should implement step 8 by entering the domains/URLs used in the phishing links in the "Simulation URLs that allow (x items)" field. Please note that only 10 entries are possible here.


Now click on "Save". You have now completed all settings for your Microsoft 365 system.

Please note that it may take some time for the settings to take effect.