Depending on your setup it might not be sufficient to only whitelist the IPs. In this case you can also whitelist the envelope sender addresses which are displayed in the SoSafe Manager tab Whitelisting (right beneath the IP addresses). In the following we provide a detailed explanation on how to implement a whitelisting of the envelope sender addresses.

Step 1

Log in to your mail server portal and click “Security” from the menu


Step 2

Choose under “Policies & rules” the part “Threat policies”


Step 3

Click on the “Anti-spam”


Step 4

Under the “Default spam filter policy” (1) click “Edit policy”. A pop-up window will open.


Step 5

In the Allow lists area, click “Edit” next to Allow senders. Another pop-up window opens.



Step 6

Insert our technical senders here (see platform or direct link) and click on "Save”. You can add more than one sender at once by separating them with a semicolon.