Welcome to the instructions on how to solve problems with the SoSafe Phishing Report Button!


On this page you will find an overview of the most common questions and problems and the appropriate solutions to solve them. If your problem is not included in the list, you will find more information at the bottom of the page.


Please refer to the following graphic to determine where the problems occur. Based on the numbers, you will find the potentially appropriate instructions for solving the problem in the Solutions list.




  1. Install the Button
  2. Button missing 
  3. Button missing in OWA  
  4. Button grayed out  
  5. Button not loading 
  6. Unspecific error occurred 
  7. Button error codes 
  8. Contact SoSafe support
    If problems persist, contact SoSafe support and provide us with the following information:
    1. Questionnaire Phishing Report Button
    2. Using Dev-Tool for error analysis
    3. Submitting a support ticket


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