Before you can log in to the SoSafe e-learning platform for the first time, a one-time registration on the platform is required to create your user account. 

Below you see the steps for a registration with SSO, this is only activated if your employer has booked this option. 

Steps for registration:

  1. For the one-time registration please go to the registration page or use one of the directlinks presented below (in this case step 2 is not required):
  2. On the loginpage select "alternative registration" and choose "Register with Microsoft" or "Register with Google". If you are unsure which accounts are used at your company, please contact the responsible person in your company. 
  3. You will be redirected to a page for creating your user account. Please check your personal data and adjust them if necessary.
  4. Before you can complete the registration process, you may need to confirm the terms of use of the SoSafe e-learning platform once. Whether you need to confirm them depends on how your employer wants the platform configured. There are two options: 
    • Option 1: Registration with display of the Terms of Use. After entering your personal data, you will need to check the box next to the Terms of Use to confirm that you accept them, and click on "Terms of Use" to display them. 
    • Option 2: Registration without display of the Terms of Use. If your employer has decided not to display these documents, please contact the person responsible in your company to find out more. However, you can also view our privacy policy at any time by visiting
  5. Depending on the type of configuration chosen by your employer, the terms of use and the privacy policy will also be displayed on this page. Should the documents not be included you can always take a look at our privacy policy visiting. 
  6. Please click on "Register" to finish.
  7. The system will automatically redirect you to the e-learning homepage. 

To log in after registration, simply visit and select the appropriate SSO procedure under "alternative login". Alternatively, you can also trigger the login directly via the following links: