When you still have issues with the Phishing Report Button after going through our support pages, please forward the answers of the following questionnaire to support@sosafe.de

What kind of Microsoft 365 scenario do you use? 

  • Pure Microsoft 365
  • Office Microsoft with additional on-premise services (e.g. AD Sync, Exchange On-Premise)
  • Exchange 2019/2016


Does the button work for some users or none? 


Are there commonalities of the affected users, e.g.  

  • Location
  • Network segment
  • Exchange server (Microsoft 365 type mailbox or On-Premise) 
  • (Local) security policies
  • AD groups 


What is the system configuration of the affected users: 


Does the button work in Outlook Web Access? 


Does the button work in the local desktop client of Outlook? 


If an error occurs …


Which kind of deployment method did you use?

Installation via …

  • Exchange Admin Center
  • Microsoft 365 Admin Center
  • Local client