A greyed-out Button is generally a sign that the SoSafe Button cannot be used under specific circumstances.


Required URLs

Please make sure you are connected to the internet and the following URLs are accessible (e.g. not blocked by a firewall):



You should see a light gray loading circle


You should read:

Aloha SoSafe API!


You should see program code


You will be redirected to the Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network page




Reading Pane is turned off

The SoSafe Button is only available when an email is opened.

You have two options:

  • Open an email by double clicking
  • Enable the reading pane for an instant email preview.

View > Reading Pane > Choose Right or Bottom


Offline mode / No internet connection

The SoSafe Button is not available in offline mode. Look at this documentation to disable offline mode.


Message type not supported

The SoSafe Button only works for reading email messages or appointments.
There are other special mailbox items where the SoSafe Button will not work:

  • A delivery report or notification (Non-Delivery Report (NDR) reports, read / non-read / delay notifications)
  • A .msg or .eml file which is an attachment to another message.
  • A .msg or .eml file opened from the file system.


Mailbox / Folder not supported

Certain mailboxes and folders are not currently supported by the SoSafe Button

  • Group mailboxes
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Another user's mailbox
  • Archive mailboxes
  • Public folders