If the button is grayed out when trying to report an e-mail and/or an e-mail cannot be reported, this might be caused by two things.

Cause 1: 

The button cannot be loaded through the servers. 

You must ensure that the following URLs can be accessed:



The error can also be caused by a faulty internet connection or the usage of the offline mode.

Cause 2: 

If you encounter a grayed-out Phishing Report Button when trying to report a mail and the mail cannot be reported, it may be because the mail is actually a "Bounce Message". A bounce message looks like an ordinary e-mail at first glance, but in reality it is just an automatically generated message (often in the form of an error message). Such error messages cannot be reported via the Phishing Report Button because they are not really e-mails in the strict sense.

Usually, a mail server automatically generates a bounce message when a mail cannot be delivered to the recipient. Synonyms for Bounce Message are Non Delivery Notification, SMTP Reply or the short form "Bounce". A distinction is made between a so-called "hard bounce", if an e-mail address cannot be reached permanently, and a "soft bounce", if an e-mail is not accepted by the receiving mail server. This can be the case, for example, if the mailbox has reached maximum capacity. 

Here are some exemplary reasons for the undeliverability of an e-mail: 

  • strict filters at the recipient's end, e.g. spam filters 
  • wrong mail addresses; this can happen if the sender of the mail mistypes the address or the address simply does not exist 
  • too little storage space; the recipient mailbox is full 
  • temporary failures; the recipient server is temporarily unavailable due to i.e. maintenance  

If you should encounter problems when trying to to report a message which is an actual e-mail, please contact the responsible person within your company for further error analysis or contact support@sosafe.de.