This document shows you how to use our add-in for Outlook, the SoSafe Phishing Report Button, in your mail program.

Using our Phishing Report Button you can report suspicious emails as a phishing attempt. If the email is one of SoSafe's simulated phishing emails, you will receive a message that this phishing attempt was detected by you correctly and was part of the simulation. However, if the email was not sent by SoSafe, it will automatically be forwarded to your IT department, which can then inspect the suspicious email in case it is a real cyber attack.


Where can I find the Phishing Report Button?

After the SoSafe Phishing Report Button is successfully installed by your IT department, it is displayed in the top right corner of your Outlook mail program.

How do I use the Phishing Report Button?

If you open an email, which possibly could be a phishing attempt, click on “Report Email”. Now a new window will open. 

The new window gives an overview of the topic, the name of the sender, and the sender address. It will provide the users with some tips on how to recognize phishing attempts. If you click on “Report email”, two possible scenarios can happen:

First Scenario: Our simulation

The reported email was one of our simulated phishing attacks. In this case you successfully detected our attempt. Well done!

Now you have the option to either click on “View Hints” or “Delete and close”. If you click on “View Hints” you will be forwarded to our learning page. 

By clicking on “Close”, the email will be deleted from your mail program.  

Second scenario: External email 

The reported email was not part of our phishing simulation. In this case the reported email will be forwarded to your IT department for further inspection by experts. By clicking “Delete and close”, the potentially harmful email will be deleted from your inbox.