If you open an email, which possibly could be a phishing attempt, click on “Report Email”. Now a new window will open. 

The new window gives an overview about the subject, the name of the sender, and the sender address. If you click on “Report Email”, two possible scenarios can happen:

First Scenario: Our simulation

The reported email was one of our simulated phishing attacks. In this case you successfully detected our attempt. Well done!

Now you have the option, to either click on “View Learning Contents” or “Close”. If you click on “View Learning Contents” you will be forwarded to our learning page. 

By clicking on “Close”, the email will be deleted from your mail program.  

Second Scenario: External email 

The reported email was not part of our phishing simulation. In this case the reported email will be forwarded to your IT department for further inspection by experts. By clicking “Close”, the potentially harmful email will be deleted from your inbox.