Before you can log in to the SoSafe e-learning platform for the first time, a one-time registration on the platform is required to create an user account. With this step you have the opportunity to give your explicit consent to the processing of your personal data. For more information on the processing of your personal data, please refer to our privacy policy at

Steps to registration:

1. For registration please go to the registration page 

2. Please enter your professional e-mail address into the login mask.

3. You will be redirected to the page for creating your user account. Please complete your personal data there and assign a personal password.

4. You will then have the opportunity to view the terms of use and the privacy policy and to confirm your agreement by ticking the box. 

5. Please click on "Register" to finish.

6. In a pop up window the message "Thank you very much! Please open the link sent to your e-mail address to activate your account" will be displayed.

7. You will then receive an activation email from the sender, please click on the button "Activate" and you will be taken directly to the login page (

9. On the login page you can now log in using your user name (professional e-mail address) and your personal password.