SoSafe’s training measures are aimed at all employees in order to train them in the area of IT security. As part of this so-called “awareness building” (i.e. the creation of awareness for IT security), we offer a comprehensive learning environment on behalf of your employer: 

By means of interactive awareness training with learning modules, short videos, examples from everyday work and short quizzes, you will learn the most important rules and hints for the safe use of computers, smartphones and data. Topics such as password use, malware detection or data misuse are also dealt with. 

Additionally, we send simulated phishing e-mails to all employees at irregular intervals. The aim of this simulation is for you to learn how phishing mails work and how to recognize them. Your employer does not receive any individual data about the phishing simulation, only a completely anonymous evaluation.

This IT security training is offered to you by your employer and provided by us – SoSafe GmbH from Cologne, Germany.