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Classic and New Analytics - FAQ

Why is there a discrepancy between KPIs results in Classic and New Analytics?

There are two reasons:

  • KPI definitions have been updated to reflect customer feedback in the New Analytics

  • In some cases, these discrepancies were caused by not processed events in the New Analytics data warehouse

Have KPIs current or historical values changed in the Classic Analytics?

There are no changes in KPIs values in the Classic Analytics.

KPIs current or historical values changed in the New Analytics?

In some cases, KPIs current or historical values have changed in the New Analytics. After a full database synchronisation, any missed historical data was reflected and updated accurately in the New Analytics.

What is the cause of not processed events in the New Analytics?

In the New Analytics, we made architectural changes which require all events to be sent to our analytical data warehouse. A misconfiguration in one of the components, along with insufficient monitoring in that part of the pipeline, led to events randomly not being sent to the data pipeline. Due to the fact that we were not getting those events, and therefore they were not processed in the data warehouse, this ended up leading to discrepancies in the KPIs calculations.

What has been done to fix the issue with the New Analytics results?

To fix the problem and guarantee data accuracy in the New Analytics, we are changing the way we process analytics data in a way that we’ll have full synchronisation on a daily basis. As of 27.03.2024 the data is synced and refreshed daily at 00:00 UTC. With this, any missed historical data will be reflected and updated accurately in the New Analytics E-Learning and Simulation KPIs, meaning that you might notice changes in the affected KPIs. We have put in place additional quality checks and monitoring that alert us for missing events.

How often is the data updated in the New Analytics?

For now, the New Analytics is updated once daily at 00:00 UTC, and in the next 1-2 months we are going to improve the synchronisation process allowing us to get back to a place where the New Analytics is again frequently updated throughout the day.

Are both Analytics versions (Classic and New) available?

Our New Analytics product, currently in beta, is designed to be a foundation for better insights into your security awareness activities and to help you manage human risk. This new product is currently available side-by-side with Classic Analytics for some customers. In the next few months, we will transition to the new version of Analytics on a permanent basis for everyone. In the meantime, we will continue to maintain the Classic Analytics to give you options.

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